Become a Spy:Co Team leader

A fantastic surprise - and the kids love it!

Star in your own Spy Movie - Spy:Co Spy Party

"The children at the spy party were absolutely blown away by it. Now they realised the mission was for real...!" 

Charlotte, mum of 10-year-old

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As a very exciting feature at the Spy:Co Spy Party, we can now offer a short, 2 minutes film, where the birthday girl/boy is the star as a Spy:Co Team Leader! The film can easily be downloaded on the mobile phone, tablet or computer and shown before the mission starts...

A unique gift that can be viewed over and over again. Imagine the thrill when the birthday girl/boy can show friends
the spy clip the next day in school!

The only thing we need from you is a high-resolution image of the face (JPEG or PNG), your order number and the name of the birthday child. Are there two birthday children, please send a photo showing both.
Send the photo to: