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Spy:Co's Party Guarantee is always included!

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With our party guarantee, you can easily change the party date/time as many times as needed - completely free of charge!


How does our Spy:Co Birthday Parties work?


Does Spy:Co have a venue or how does it work? Spy:Co is a venue-independent kids party concept, allowing you to choose the best location for your needs! In your home, garden, or maybe the park? Perhaps at your local sports club, museum, or local hall? Everything is possible with our hassle-free party concept! You can even take it with you on holiday! Spy:Co doesn't have any venues as we know that a lot of parents and organisers all over the country like the idea of being able to choose and adapt the setting for their party. A big or small party, a few children or the entire class? Food  or just a birthday cake? You know what works best for your party!


What's included in the kids party package? This is included in your Spy:Co Party Pack: • Agent booklets for all children • Thrilling audio and film links • Free Kids' party invitations to print out or send online • Spy:Co Certificates to print out • A personal call from the head of all Spy:Co agents - Octagon! • A Spy:Co Party Playlist • Spy:Co Stickers • Parent/organiser manual • Kids' Party Checklist • Best Kids' Party Guide including - healthy kids' party recipes and tips & tricks that will turn you into a pro in no time!

WHY BOOK-min.png

Why do I have to book a time and date for the Spy:Co party mission? After the children have completed the Spy:Co mission, something spectacular happens! Octagon, the head of all Spy:Co agents (who they've seen in earlier film clips), is on the phone! He congratulates the birthday boy/girl and, of course, all new agents are welcome to ask as many questions as they want! Something that repeatedly makes both children and parents/organisers laugh! You activate the Octagon phone call by sending us an SMS (more information is provided in the parent/organiser manual). Since Octagon must be available to all parties, we need to know when your mission will begin.

HOW LONG-min.png

How long time does it take to complete a Spy:Co mission? A Spy:Co mission takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours on average, although you can adjust the time by changing a few factors: • The size of the search area. • The extent to which you make the clues difficult to find. We always recommend that the older the children are, the more difficult you can hide the clues!


Does somebody from Spy:Co come to us? No, that is not necessary! Our kids' party concept is designed for busy parents who want a high-quality kids' party with a WOW factor! Every Spy:Co party pack includes a parent's manual. It's a simple, step-by-step instruction that doesn't require any outside help because everything happens in a logical order during the mission. To ensure that you understand what is going to happen, we recommend that you read through the instructions as well as go through the mission itself a few days in advance (including the film & audio links). When you are well prepared as a parent/organiser, the party will certainly be remembered as "the best kids' party ever!"


• Where do I fill in the time and date of the spy birthday party?
After you submit your booking, you will be emailed a link where you can enter the time & date, age, and name of the birthday child/children, as well as the mobile number to be used during the mission.

• Can I cancel an ordered Spy:Co birthday party? 
Yes, of course you can cancel an ordered Spy:Co party if it does not fit with a new date. 
This applies within 14 days from the order date. However, you are obliged to return the materials we sent to you and pay for return shipping.

• Can The Missions be carried out both indoors and outdoors?
Yes. You decide what suits your party the best! A Spy Mission indoors can be just as exciting as outdoors!

• For younger kids, do you need a grown-up to accompany the group?
Yes, for children between 6 and 8 years old we recommend that an older child or a grown-up can assist during the mission, if possible.

• How far in advance should I order a Spy:Co's children's birthday party?
Orders must be received no later than 7 days (4 days by express freight) before the selected date so we can confirm the time/date. The weekends easily becomes fully booked, so if you have a preferred date/time it is better to place your order as soon as possible. It also makes it easier for parents/organiser to have ample time to read the instructions thoroughly before the party.

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