SPY PARTY - Info Mission 1.

Kid's Spy Party Sneak-Peek Mission 1. The diamond theft at the Opera!

The  stolen diamond necklace mission 1.
Octagon - Head of Spy:Co Mission 1.
Learn how to write with invicible ink by Spy:Co Spy Party!
Spy Party- One of our new Spy:Co Agents during Mission 1.
Spy party - The suspects mission 1.

Spy Mission 1.
For Children 6 - 9 years old

The diamond theft at the Opera!

Mission 1.

For girls and boys between 6 and 9 years old



Opera singer Dona Ana's amazing diamond necklace gets stolen during one of her performances!
Unfortunately, her two children became witnesses to what happened. The diamond thief forces the children to come with him/her and later a film is sent to Dona Ana. In the clip, the children tell us that they have been kidnapped and that the diamond thief demands a large ransom to release them!

The mission:

Your mission, Spy:Co Agents, is to, with the help of the clues found in the room where the crime was committed, figure out where the children are imprisoned! In the clip, the children also talked about that they are trapped behind a door with a coded lock. Your Mission includes:

What is the code to the lock?
Where are the children being held? 
And last, but not least - who did it?!


During the spy mission the Spy:Co agents will learn about:


  Invisible ink
  Secret codes
  Analysing fingerprints
  Interpret footprints
  Roman numbers
  Listen to/interpreting
     sound recordings


 The new agents will get some help from...

•  Direct contact with OCTAGON, head of all Spy:Co agents!
•  The Personal Agent Book (that all Spy:Co agents receive)
•  Thrilling movie links from Spy: Co
•  10 clues
•  Intriguing audio links...

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