Spy party - all over the UK!

Kids birthday party by Spy:Co - the magic solution for busy parents!

Spy Party for kids - Spy:Co agent on a mission

Live contact with Octagon!

Spy:Co has 99,7% very happy kids and parents!

Spy:Co Spy Parties have 99,7% very happy kids and parents!

(According to our customer survey sent out after each conducted Spy:Co party)

The easy way to organise "the best spy party ever!"

We created the Spy:Co Birthday concept!


We created the most thrilling and easy-to-arrange kids' party concept!

You order a Spy:Co mission online!


Choose mission and order directly online!

Delivered to your door!


The complete birthday party package is delivered to your door!

The birthday party can start!


A Spy:CoBirthday Party can be 
held virtually anywhere! In your house, garden, a park or venue! 


"Amazing birthday party. Very well organised. Our daughter loved it!" 
Amaury, dad of 8-year-old

"The boys had a great time, and all of the personalised touches, such as the Octagon call and the Team Leader video helped my son to feel special!"
Deniz, dad of 9-year-old

"Brilliant - it was so lovely to see them taking it all in and immersing themselves in the mystery!"
Juliet, mum of 9-year-old

Birthday parties by Spy:Co - agents out on a spy mission!
Spy:Co agents working together!


To throw a spy party should be easy and great fun! That's why we created Spy:Co!

 We mix modern technology with useful and exciting facts about secret agents and spy history!

How do you write a secret message? What is a coding machine, can you always trust your eyes...
and much, much more!

The children will work together as a team and in some of our spy missions,
they will even have to travel back in time...