Children's Spy Party by Spy:Co!

The modern, fun and easy way of organising a Spy Birthday Party at
home or at a venue - guaranteed to be a success!

"The kids absolutely loved it, especially when in the end they could ask Octagon all questions they wanted! Brilliant!"

Rebecca, mum of 8-year-old

Spy:Co is based on the concept of getting a ready-made, exciting and unforgettable kids' birthday party package delivered to your door!

We created the Spy:Co Birthday concept!


We created the most thrilling and easy-to-arrange kids' party concept!

You order a Spy:Co mission online!


Choose mission and order directly online!

Delivered to your door!


The complete birthday party package is delivered to your door! lets

The birthday party can start!

A Spy:Co Birthday Party can be held virtually anywhere! In your house, garden, a park or venue! 


Kids during a Spy:Co mission!

The magic solution for busy parents!

All the party material is delivered to your door and downloaded to your device - all you have to do is decide where to hide the clues, which Spy Agents to invite and organise the food! 

Our team building and gender-neutral missions are suitable for boys & girls aged 6 - 11 years old.

When you book your Spy:Co
 mission you know you will get an exciting & fun quality party concept,
that will give the kids an unique experience with a WOW-factor!

Including in the party pack is Agent Manual Books to all children, thrilling audio and film links, party invitations and diplomas to print or send online for free and a personal call from the head of all Spy:Co agents - Octagon!

All Spy:Co Missions can be held on or offline.

Spy:Co agents checking the clues...
Will the Spy.Co agents be able to solve the crime?

A specially designed Spy Party invitation in full colour 
- easy to print out or to send by mail! 

If you want to give the new Spy:Co agents a "proof" of their spy status you can print out our Spy:Co diploma and give to the children after the mission
is completed!