Children's Spy Party by Spy:Co!

The modern and easy way of organising a Spy Birthday Party at
home or at a venue, guaranteed to be a success!

"The kids absolutely loved it, especially when in the end they could ask Octagon all questions they wanted! Brilliant!"

Rebecca, mum of 8-year-old

Spy:Co - A world of agents that the kids love!

Book your Spy:Co party and you will get an exciting and fun party concept based on
cooperation which has become a great success in a short time!

• You will receive fun and modern material with agent manuals for all children etc.

• The ability to easily arrange a "best birthday party ever" experience

• Opportunity to give the birthday child/-en and friends a unique surprise that will be talked about for a long time!

• A professionally and modern layout that parents and organisers describe as
"easy to arrange" and "professional material and simple instructions"

A specially designed Spy Party invitation in full colour 
- easy to print out or to send by mail! 

If you want to give the new Spy:Co agents a "proof" of their spy status you can print out our Spy:Co diploma and give to the children after the mission
is completed!