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"Best party ever! We will be back next year!"
Laura, mum of 9-year-old twins

Spy Party Missions in Manchester - Sneak-Peek Spy:Co Video Mission 2.


Spy:Co is based on the concept of getting a ready-made, exciting and unforgettable kids' birthday party package delivered to your door!

You can pay with Visa, Master card and Paypal on our Spy:Co site.

All missions are worked out in consultation with psychologist and parents and contain no violence.

We have created a modern kids' party concept!


We created the most thrilling and easy-to-arrange kids' party concept!

Order you childrens' birthday party online!


Choose mission and order directly online!

Direct delivery to your door in London!


The complete birthday party package is delivered to your door!

The birthday party can start!


A Spy:Co Birthday Party can be held virtually anywhere! In your house, garden, a park or venue! 

Easy to arrange for the mum-on-a-mission!

Price for the complete Spy:Co party pack!

All the party material is delivered to your door and downloaded to your device - all you have to do is decide where to hold the party, which Spy Agents to invite and organise the food! 

Including Agent Manual Books to all children, thrilling audio and film links, party invitations and diplomas to print or send online for free and a personal call from the head of all Spy:Co agents - Octagon!

Party package for 2 - 6 children, total price £ 99
Party package for 7 - 12 children, total price £ 119
Party package for 13 - 18 children, total price £ 139
Party package for 19 - 32 children, total price £ 169

Personalised Party Invitation film with the birthday boy/girl £ 25
Star in your own Spy Movie (become a Spy:
Co Team Leader) £ 29

Choose between 4 thrilling Spy Party Missions

The diamond theft at the Opera!
For girls and boys between
6 and 9 years old

Spy:Co Mission 1. UK

More info about Mission 1. »»
The price is for the complete Spy party


Tutankhamun's gold ring stolen!
For girls and boys between
6 and 9 years old

Spy:Co Mission 2. UK

More info about Mission 2. »»
The price is for the complete Spy party


The helicopter robbery!
For girls and boys between
9 and 11 years old

Spy:Co Mission 3. UK

More info about Mission 3. »»
The price is for the complete Spy party

The kidnapping at school!
For girls and boys between
9 and 11 years old
Spy:Co Mission 4. UK

More info about Mission 4. »»
The price is for the complete Spy party


Spy Party Invitations

Spy party invitation ready to printout!

Spy party invitation film with the birthday boy/girl! Send a thrilling party invitation film as an e-mail!


Now you can send out the coolest party invitation that is guaranteed to be a success for both children and parents!

"You have just outdone every party invitation I have ever received!"

Poppy, mum of 8-year-old

You order here and just send us a close-up image of the birthday child to us at contact@spycobirthdayparty.co.uk and we will fix the rest!


Star in your own Spy movie!
Become a Spy:Co Team Leader

Order a personalised Spy Movie from Spy:Co Spy Party - Manchester

Only possible to order in connection with
booking a Spy:Co mission

More info »

Spy Movie for the Birthday girl/boy


¨The kids worked as a team, both boys and girls. Brilliant!¨

Spy party for kids - Our Spy:Co agent in Manchester
Spy Party by Spy:Co in Bolton
Spy party - One of our Spy:Co agents in Stockport
Spy party in Rochdale - Spy:Co agents during a mission!

"An exciting spy party experience with a brilliant and engaging
storyline in all the missions!"

1. Check the calendar below. All dates not fully booked are available for your Spy:Co party in
    Manchester (the calendar is just for information - the booking is done at the checkout).  

2. Select the mission and scroll down on the drop-down menu until you find the correct number
of children - add to cart.

3. Go to the check-out and book your Spy:Co 
party. At the checkout, type in your preferred date/time.

4. The complete Spy:Co party package will be sent to your door! Now everything is prepared! The spy
   party can be held virtually anywhere, at home, in the garden, in a park, in a private venue - easy!

Always free shipping within the UK!

Spy party in Oldham - One of our Spy:Co agents!
Spy Party in Salford - Spy:Co agents gathered during a mission!
Spy party in Wigan - Our Spy:Co agent on a mission!

Depending on which package you have ordered, you will receive material to divide the children into one or more groups.
2-6 children 1 group, 7-12 children 2 groups, 13-18 children 3 groups, 19-32 children 4 groups.

When the calendar shows fully booked, we can not accept any more bookings for that date.
Other days/times, we have many parties booked but we still have the capacity for more bookings!

Mail us at Spy:Co Birthday Party