Spy Party - Info Mission 3.

Kids' Spy Party Sneak-Peek Mission 3. The helicopter robbery!

The helicopter robbery, Spy:Co Mission 3.
The head of all Spy:Co  agents - Octagon!
Thrilling Spy:Co Misson 3.
Spy Party - Our Spy:Co Agents out on Mission 3.
Spy Party - The 5 suspects, Spy:Co Mission 3.

Spy Birthday Party For Children
Between 9 - 11 Years Old!

The helicopter robbery!
Mission 3.
For girls and boys between 9 and 11 years old



In the morning, just when the bank was about to open, a masked person storm into the bank office. All staff has not yet arrived and there are no customers in the bank, something the robber certainly had thought about. The robber asks for all the money and when the bank manager, Mr Swindell, tries to reach the alarm button, the robber reacts instantly!

The cashier, Sarah Lighthart has her 7- year old son with her at work this day as it is a study day and all children are off from school. Suddenly, without anyone seeing what actually happens, her son is reluctantly dragged out of the bank office by the robber. Over the robber's shoulder, hangs a large sports bag filled with money. Immediately a helicopter lands outside on the market square. The
pilot keeps the engine going and before anyone can react, the helicopter takes off with the robber, the money and Mary's son. 

The mission:

 After an hour, a film is sent to Spy
:Co's HQ. There, Mary Lighthart's son appears and he confirms he is taken as hostage and will not be released until a large ransom is paid! Your mission, Spy:Co agents is, with the help of the film and the evidence found at the bank, figure out where Mary's son is held. And of course, we have to identify the robber. Who is it?!

During the spy mission, the agents will learn more about:

  Writing in code
  Writing with invisible ink
  Roman numbers
►  Morse code
  Analysing fingerprints 
  Listen to/interpret sound recordings
  Exclude suspects through 
surveillance images

The new agents will get some help from...

•  Direct contact with OCTAGON, head of all Spy:Co agents!
•  The Personal Agent Book (that all Spy:Co agents receive)
•  Thrilling movie links from Spy: Co
•  10 clues
•  Intriguing audio links...


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