spy:Co birthday party - how did it all start?

Hellena Cederlund, founder of Spy:Co Birthday parties
Hellena Cederlund, founder of Spy:Co Birthday parties

When my children turned 7 and 10 and had outgrown the princess/pirate birthday parties phase, I wanted to find a new type of birthday party, something unique and fun. I had some ideas...

I wanted to create a birthday party that would be just as fun for boys as for girls and with the important factor that the children should work together as a team rather than compete. As a bonus, I wanted the children to learn exciting and interesting facts during the "Mission”. It was the start of the creative process that later became Spy:Co. 

I've now also learned that many parents think it's as fun as the kids!
Over 15,000 happy children throughout 
UK and Sweden have now enjoyed a thrilling Spy:Co party. Our concept
 is based on teamwork, curiosity and learning new things in an exciting way. Schools and organisations are now also using Spy:Co missions!